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Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

What vehicle sounds are a concern?

Any sound when turning a corner, rattles from beneath the vehicle, scraping or grinding when applying brakes, roaring that increases with acceleration, or knocking from the engine  compartment are signs that your vehicle requires immediate servicing.

How do I know if I have a transmission problem?

If you’ve noticed anything leaking or a different feel to the car shifting, you may want to call us.  Sometimes we can prevent damage to your transmission before it’s too late.

Will a transmission additive fix my transmission?

Usually, an additive is just a way to help prolong the life of anything that it is added to. It should not be thought of as a fix for anything. There are very few additives that we in the transmission industry recommend. Give us a call and we can explain what works.

Why did my transmission fail?

Reasons for failure can be misuse, lack of maintenance or excessive mileage. But many times it is due to design flaws.  A design flaw is defined as a repeated failure in a specific area in any one type of transmission.  Many products are available in the aftermarket to alleviate these problems.

What is the difference between a remanufactured and a rebuilt engine?

A remanufactured engine is totally remanufactured to the original blueprints and exact specifications, and is tested to original equipment standards.  In a rebuilt engine, the repair is done up to the level of failure. Only failed and worn out parts are replaced, all other components are left intact.

Does an illuminated check engine light mean my engine is at risk?

A lit “check engine light” can be triggered by over 100 causes, only some of which pertain to engine problems. We can give you a diagnostic check to determine the area of concern.

What if I find a cheaper price? Will you match it?

There is a difference between buying a part and buying a service. We provide a service. We guarantee that you’ll get the best possible price for the work performed.

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